Advance Whitening Technology

-  Safe and effective treatment

-  No sensitivity, No side effect

-  Made in USA

Hollywood White - instant tooth whitening offers customers a new experience in professional high quality tooth whitening treatments, using the latest technology and product made in the USA.


Tooth whitening is no longer just available for the benefit of the rich and famous.  Hollywood White - instant tooth whitening puts the glamour and celebrity back into everyone’s life by providing safe, painless and cost effective tooth whitening with zero sensitivity.


Whitening your teeth can take many years off your age, as well as brighten your appearance.  Coffee, tea, wine and smoking all take their toll on our teeth and our teeth become discolored over time - this can have an effect on how old we look.


The Hollywood White - instant tooth whitening concept stores are situated in convenient shopping mall locations, where customers are able to relax, sit back, chill for a short time and minutes later, leave feeling like a Hollywood stars with 

a brighter, whiter, confident smile!


Come and visit one of our store and treat yourself to a free consultation with our smile consultants. 

"… a smile you can be proud of with Hollywood White’s unique and safe formula"

At Hollywood White - instant tooth whitening, our aim is to provide a high quality, safe and effective tooth whitening service, at an affordable price.


We have spent many years working with leading dentists in the USA to develop a new and revolutionary teeth whiting product which provides fantastic results.


Our products are 100% safe and comply with the US F.D.A. safety standards of the cosmetic directive and legislation requirements in the USA.


Unlike other products in the market, Hollywood White - instant tooth whitening has been designed to eliminate problems with sensitivity.  It is also safe to be used on porcelain veneers, bonded teeth, and implant restorations.


In a world where image is becoming important of our daily lives, we specialize in making your teeth white and your smile shine!


"The only tooth whitening treatment that is

safe for sensitive teeth with no side effects"

Tooth whitening has become one of the most requested cosmetic procedures in the United States and at Hollywood White - instant tooth whitening, we have developed a treatment that takes minutes and saves you hundreds of dollars when compared to whitening treatments at expensive dental clinics.


There are currently a number of options available if you want to have your teeth whitened.  Firstly, you can visit your dentist, but this can be costly and ranging from US$600 to US$900. 


Secondly, you can buy a variety of home kits that are on the market that require you to use gum trays, which have to be worn overnight for days or weeks at a time.


Now you have the option of using Hollywood White - instant tooth whitening, which more convenient and very cost effective.


We have developed a treatment which is better than the procedure you get at a dental practice.  We specialize solely in tooth whitening and constantly invest in the latest equipment, technology and training, in order to perfect our system providing the best possible service to our customers.


The results are far better than any over the counter or home whitening product.  The treatment we offer is better than what expensive dentists offer and our unique treatment is fast and pain free.


"The perfect solution for a whiter and brighter smile in minutes, at the most affordable prices"

Is it safe?

Yes, our products have been thoroughly tested and proven to be 100% safe. Unlike other tooth whitening products that can cause sensitivity, burn soft tissue and damage enamel, our unique formulation is safe and has no side effects.


How white are the results?

This will depend on each individual’s tooth density and the treatment chosen.


Are there people who should not whiten their teeth?

Tooth whitening should not be used if you suffer from advanced gum disease (periodontal disease) or have recently had oral surgery. Teeth whitening should not be used if you are pregnant or lactating and is not recommended for children under the age of 16.


Can all teeth can be whitened?

Yes, all teeth can be whiten however teeth with "Tetracycline discoloration" (stained teeth caused by Tetracycline antibiotics) and Fluorosis stains won't be able to achieve result like teeth with normal contidion.


Will tooth whitening make my crown, bridges and veneers whiter?

Unfortunately no.


How long will tooth whitening results last?

It all depends on your lifestyle and your oral hygiene.  If you don't consume cigarettes, food and drinks with coloring agent, your white result will stay longer.


* It is recommended to repeat tooth whitening process at one of our Hollywood White stores on a regular basis for maintenance to get a Hollywood stars smile.

Is tooth whitening painful?

No. With our unique Hollywood White formula, we guarantee zero sensitivity.


What causes staining on teeth?

Cigarettes, food and beverages can greatly influence the color of your teeth.


* It is recommended to avoid foods and beverages with a coloring agent for the first 24 hour after tooth whitening for maximum results.


Which teeth shades are easier to whiten?

In general if your teeth are yellow, it will be easier to make them whiter.  Grey teeth are harder to whiten.  Your teeth can only be whitened to their genetic natural whiteness.


Is Blue Light technology effective?

Our Blue Light technology are very effective and produce better and faster results compared to other whitening methods.

"So what are you waiting for?  Sit back, relax in our designer chair and get a radiant smile within minutes"



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